by Javier Starks



Arguably one of the best responses to Kendrick Lamar's controversial "Control" verse.. Who's really in "Control"? Is the industry ready for Javier Starks?


Javier Starks:

These rappers talk money but your whole circle broke that's a red ring of death
My name mentioned with yours? Yeah that scares me to death! Your music move me like a paraplegic at best, I don't feel you liars I'm BARELY impressed!

Well if los is the king then that makes jigga the emperor, I'm addressing these fools just consider this the enema, best remember I'm not your off brand rapper out the city! Half of these rappers is ACTORS fans clapping out of pity!

This is the city of mediocrity, where we excellent at overlooking excellence check it peep the philosophy.

The city's hottest rappers still where they started, they do not pass go it's the DMV Monopoly!

I park on their property then body'm properly, I'm part of a prophecy, nobody possibly stopping me!

Wise I'm smarter than Socrates the game I kill it gladly, like Milton Bradly I'm a boss lil daddy!

I CTRL+ALT+DELETE y'all, you a grain of sand on the beach boy, washed up like the sea shore!

I'll make a mockery of EACH of y'all, a lyrical bloodbath like you never seen make it a habit of having'm swearing they never seen Saw...

These fake rappers raps is like bad checks, what a spring board put a little bounce in my step, this what fiends want a battle to the death.. tween the best of the best, no question they stressed cause ima threat like the Marine Corps!

How you kill what's not real!? Ya bars ELEMENTARY to me dawg, don't make me Sandy Spring y'all! 0_0

Not one of you's comparable to me, my shoes don't fit you, that's #unbearable defeat!

Find a threat and bring'm to me, flow too dope I'll treat'm like Pookie. Turn his whole hood on'm like a Sunni...

You do not deserve this more than I do EVERY TIME THEY SAY "YOU HOTTER THAN JAV" YOU BEEN LIED TO!

You not worthy!
I play the game like ERVING!
You should retire your JERSEY!

You started hating when you heard me... you KNOW what it is BUT you don't know when to quit, like Herpes!

I rap circles around clowns, that's lethal lip service, the circuit observing superfluous SURROUND sound!

Don't compare me to wale, fattrel or shy glizzy I'm REAL, they eligible for Emmys

I ain't NEVER lied in a rhyme! Or told a false story in a interview they nothin to me I'm clutching my genitals!

They prolly never get it... I did it in a way that's never been done before - I spit like I'm ready for WAR - machete's & guns & swords - I'm bringin whatever you want & MORE!!

Hydrogen bombs this "Ether" like Nas verse/versus the hip hop GOD, MINUS the flaws! It's a WRAP! (Pun intended) "The Take Over" I'm feeling invincible - no competitor better - I find it ironic they going against a flow that's irresistible... Word to Cicero, I'm in #CONTROL.


released September 20, 2013


all rights reserved



Javier Starks Washington, D.C.

Emcee! Based in Washington DC!

Management: Stan B. Robinson & Rachelle Robinson of Substantial Art & Music, LLC

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