Thinkin Bout You Version 2 feat: Javier Starks

by Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Javier Starks



Javier Starks' vocals were recorded and mixed by Nico Laget of Sweet Spot Studio!


Javier Starks:

Yeahdo! Starks holla Konichiwa!! You're now rockin with the million dollar man a young Ted Dibiase...

Me ma I got family plans for you like T-Mobile, you get unlimited minutes and free roaming...

Nah, cancel ya phone, leave it at home, you won't need it where we goin... Girl, I'll be your provider!

Sade/Shawty Smooth Operaters what you had before, had you dodgin heartbreak and bull like a matador 

They hatin' on me I ain't mad at all, you can have it all, but "Quality" or "Quantity" what matter more? They say the grass is always greener on the other side but we can VISIT, BEND the rules a LITTLE like the avatar...

We can do that do do dat dat dat, this Electric Relaxation, true dat, FACTS. 

They lying they all scared, I'm prepared, to go through thick and thin together like weightloss plans💯

Bonnie and Clyde you know how I ride, windows down, top lowered like 6 fos. Sounds? Blasting. Engine? Loud as a dragon, destinations you can't imagine, a whole new world like Aladdin

Im a different breed baby we in the presence of legends, I been thinking "U" & "I" could be "US" (UNI) if you let it..

Life is love and it gets better, I'll help you see why like the 3rd and 25th letter, I'm thinkin bout YOU!💗


released May 22, 2018


all rights reserved



Javier Starks Washington, D.C.

Emcee! Based in Washington DC!

Management: Stan B. Robinson & Rachelle Robinson of Substantial Art & Music, LLC

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